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Corporate Banking

BBK – Kuwait is the only foreign bank operating in the Kuwaiti market, this advantage gives the bank the ability to provide unique products and services to meet customers’ requirements. BBK-Kuwait is operating in the Kuwaiti market under the regulations of the Central Bank of Kuwait.

Activities relating to Corporate Banking continued to receive significant attention, resulting in substantial contributions to the Bank’s growth. As part of the Bank’s commitment to assist in the country’s growth and development, corporate banking played an active role in almost all major projects undertaken in Kuwait.

Being the only foreign bank in the State of Kuwait, BBK - Kuwait is actually involved in almost all sectors of business with almost all sectors of the economy, be it government, public companies, large corporations, medium sized companies or small commercial outfits. We provide our top quality services through a number of dedicated and professional account managers that are here to serve you at all times.

Please feel free to contact the relevant person at BBK - Kuwait through the contact details as shown in the following relevant sections, or you can contact us through our main telephone number: (965)2241-7140 / 7, fax number (965)2242-7356

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Corporate Banking Sectors


As part of the country’s strategy to diversify its source of income, BBK – Kuwait has participated in financing different manufacturing companies in several sectors such as paper manufacturing, chemicals, petrochemicals, cement and other manufacturing activities.

We provide tailored facilities to meet the company’s needs coupled with top quality services through a number of dedicated and professional account managers that serve you at all times.


BBK- Kuwait with its extensive products and services has the ability to introduce different facilities to meet the company’s requirements. Since its establishment in 1976, BBK-Kuwait has been involved in providing several facilities to a variety of companies operating in different fields such as communications, cleaning, tourism and other related fields.

Construction & Real Estate

Construction is one of the most active sectors in the Kuwaiti Market; BBK-Kuwait provides direct or indirect financing to different companies operating in Kuwait.


Trading is one of the main business activities of the BBK-Kuwait. The Commercial Services Department has an experienced team that provides professional advice to meet customers’ needs.


Investment is one of the major sectors in the Kuwaiti Market. BBK-Kuwait provides several products and services to large investment companies operating in the Kuwaiti market as well as other consumer lending companies.

Oil and Petrochemicals

Kuwait is a major world oil producer. Commercial production of crude oil commenced in 1946 and peaked at 3.3 million barrels per day in 1972. Currently, Kuwait produces just over 2 million barrels per day although it has the capacity to produce up to 2.5 million barrels per day. Plans have been established to increase this capacity to over 3 million barrels per day by the year 2005. Crude oil exports account for about 60% of the output with the remaining 40% used in downstream refining projects.

BBK – Kuwait is currently financing a large number of oil and petrochemical companies through direct or indirect financing.

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