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Credit Management

The Risk and Credit Management Division, which is an independent function reporting directly to the General Manager of the Bank has the overall responsibility for the identification, measurement, monitoring and control of the credit and market risks of the Bank. This division consists of two departments as follows:

  1. Risk Management Department
  2. Credit Management Department

Risk Management Department (RMD):
RMD has the responsibility for the designing of the credit risk management strategy, development of the credit and market risk policies and procedures through identification of risks, measurement of risk exposures through establishments of models/systems and active monitoring of risk exposures on a portfolio basis.

Credit Management Department (CMD):
The Credit Management department was created in order to reinforce the Bank's credit culture that it has built up carefully over the past years, as well as to meet the regulatory requirements specified by the Central Bank of Kuwait and Basel. The division plays an important role in monitoring and controlling credit risk by:
Ensuring efficient customer service by developing smoother processes
Increasing credit risk awareness for non-monitoring decisions or inconsistency in conducting business
improving management and nurturing proactive quality control over existing portfolios
Keeping business managers updated about the changes in business environment that may affect the quality of the portfolio
The department is committed to ensure that the credit approval procedures and practice is consistent with the Bank's lending principles and policies, thereby meeting the objective of maintaining the balance between operational efficiency and quality of assets. Further, the recommendation for prevention or enhancement.

This empowers the Bank's diverse business operations and its people with the flexibility and freedom to pursue new business opportunities with a greater degree of consciousness to asst quality.


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