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International Banking

With branches in India and Kuwait as well as a representative office in Dubai, coupled with vast correspondent arrangements with major banks around the globe, the international business of BBK has developed to make the Bank one of the most competitive in this area of business.

International Banking division oversees the business operations of BBK’s units in Dubai and India and also assists the Bank to meet its liquidity needs from international banks and capital markets.

Fully-fledged Indian operations have been established in Mumbai and Hyderabad since 1986. BBK is registered there as a foreign bank regulated by the Reserve Bank of India. In Dubai, operations are restricted – being registered as a representative banks and regulated by UAE Central Bank. It uses the Bahrain head office balance sheet to book its assets and extends all type of working capital and term financing facilities to its local clientele. BBK is the only non-Kuwaiti bank operating in Kuwait, with a presence there since 1978.

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