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Our Invita subsidiary is wholly owned by BBK. It’s a specialised company in the region offering On-Demand Customer Relationship Management and Business Process Outsourcing services.

The specialist company uses state-of the art technology to provide software as a service to its clients.  Invita’s three lines of business cover business process outsourcing, including interactive and non-interactive processes, on-demand contact centre and customer relationship management (CRM), and consultancy and training services.   The company has established partnerships with leading international organisations to deliver superior, first-to-market services to its clients.

Initially established to upgrade the contact centre of BBK, Invita started its operations in 2000 as part of BBK, before becoming an independent entity in 2005.  Today, Invita's clients range from financial institutions to ministries and telecommunications service providers across the region.

Invita is led by a senior management team that has a wealth of experience in each of our service lines.  As well as extensive experience in business process outsourcing and contact centre management and operation, the team incorporates experience in system administration and integration, application development, banking, electronic services, business process reengineering, IT infrastructure development, networking, security and data centre operations.

Invita partners with US company CosmoCom to offer Contact Centre on Demand (CCOD) infrastructure, a leading, award-winning global technology that is revolutionizing the way in which businesses serve their customers.  Providing cost-effective customer relationship and contact centre services, Invita's infrastructure allows businesses to reduce their technology and servicing costs, while enhancing the customer experience.

The company’s philosophy of being in touch, with intelligence, is engrained in all aspects of its business, positioning it as a pioneer in the new generation of entrepreneurship. Invita staff members are required to undergo international training certified by a leading training provider, the Help Desk Institute (HDI), before obtaining their license to service customers. Invita operates in a smart work environment, which has been specially designed by an Italian specialist architectural company to integrate state-of-the- art elements into the physical workspace.

As well as their intelligent design elements, the premises also house dedicated employee-friendly facilities, which have been included in order to ensure that shift-based staff can relax in between their duties.  These facilities include men and women’s locker rooms, and a game area that is equipped with entertainment and game stations.

In addition, the offices, include a specially built training simulation room, high-security systems, and premium space for clients who wish to have their servicing needs met in specially dedicated, limited-access areas.

Hence, Invita is now paving a new way of doing business. With regional companies facing increasing challenges as they look to expand and increase their market share, Invita’s suite of services provides an ideal solution for companies that wish to focus their resources and efforts on strategy and business development, while outsourcing their business processes and customer relationship management systems.

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