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A brighter team

At BBK, we aim to be at the financial heart of the community – understanding our customer, assessing the market needs and remaining responsive to the evolving requirements of the business community, the industrial and manufacturing sector and, indeed, every segment of the economy.

In order to facilitate this philosophy, every division and branch of our bank is considered as a separate unit, with delegation of responsibility granted to our managers. This strategy encourages proactive management and nurtures the ability to constantly assess evolving trends and be flexible to change. This approach will continue to be driven by our responsibility to our customers and shareholders.

Every level of our management hierarchy is involved in team building and the delegation process. Our professional staff receives continuous training in order to provide them with the opportunity to exercise their capabilities. Our working culture encourages motivation, mutual trust and cooperation, further empowering the capability of decision making.

Our staff has a crucial role in enabling our bank to create and achieve standards of operational excellence - bringing value to our customers and providing superior returns to our shareholders.


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