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Correspondent Banking Unit

 Brighter relationships

Our Correspondent Banking has clearing capabilities in more than 20 currencies through a large network of correspondents, so we are well placed in the local and regional market to provide Nostro and cash management solutions with competitive pricing and superb customer service. Our state-of-the-art systems facilitate your business transactions, with many value-added features and qualities.

Our Correspondent Banking also manages the relationships with all local and international Financial Institutions (Nostro/Vostro). In addition, we act as Facility Agent, Security Agent and Bond Trustee and actively take on credit risk participations through L/C Confirmations, Bank Guarantees and other trade instruments. To improve our focus we have separate units managing new business (Business Development) and existing business (Credit & Customer Services).

Thus our Correspondent Banking aims to meet the requirements of all Financial Institutions dealing with and in Bahrain to provide outstanding customer service. Currently, we have a large client base and are constantly striving towards creating new relationships with the objective of benefiting everyone


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