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  • 10-01-19

    Jordan to cut sales tax on basic commodities

    (MENAFN) Jordan will cut sales taxes on a number of main products, aiming to ease the pressure of tax and tackle unbalanced taxes.

    Sales taxes in Jordan, under the decision, will be lessened to hit 4 percent from the current 16 percent and 10 percent on specific products.

    The Jordanian government is aiming through the move to comfort its citizens as well as seeing a decline in the effects of direct and indirect taxes.

    Economist Hosam Ayesh suggested to Xinhua that "lowering the sales tax will help increase consumption and eventually the purchase power of Jordanians and residents, which is very good for the economy and businesses."

    Ayesh added that "reducing the sales tax will reduce the imbalances in the taxes in Jordan as the impact of the sales tax was mostly evident on the poor in Jordan and they will benefit from such a decision."


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