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  • 16-02-20

    Turkey: daily electricity usage drop 1.16 percent

    (MENAFN) Official figures of Turkish Electricity Transmission Corporation (TEIAS) showed that, on Friday, Turkey's daily electricity usage dropped 1.16 percent to 878,253 megawatt-hours.

    According to data from TEIAS, hourly power usage peaked at 18:00 local time with 40,705 megawatt-hours and Turkey's electricity usage decreased to its lowest point of 29,769 megawatt-hours at 05:00; on Friday, whole electricity production stood at 875,249 megawatt-hours with a 1.33 percent drop in comparison with the earlier day.

    Most of the output came from natural gas plants at 222,939 megawatt-hours. Imported coal and hydroelectricity followed with 207,535 megawatt-hours and 182,860 megawatt-hours, respectively.

    Turkey's electricity exports totaled 7,342 megawatt-hours and imports amounted to 10,346 megawatt-hours on Friday.


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