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  • 16-02-20

    Today's electricity prices in Turkey

    (MENAFN) Official figures showed that, in the day-ahead spot market for Sunday, the maximum electricity rate for one-megawatt hour will be 334.99 Turkish liras at 19:00 local time, and the minimum will be 42.91 liras at 15:00 local time.

    A drop of 40 percent to 88.44 million liras in comparison with Friday was shown on Saturday by Turkey's Energy Exchange Istanbul (EXIST) data for the electricity market's trade volume.

    For the day-ahead spot market, the arithmetical and weighted average cost of electricity is calculated respectively as 203.3 liras and 206.41 liras.

    On the day-ahead spot market for one-megawatt hour on Saturday, the maximum electricity cost was set as 333.04 liras at 11:00 local time, and the minimum was 250 liras at 07:00 local time.


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