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  • 04-08-22

    Iran’s daily Electricity intake surpasses 66,000W due to high temperature

    (MENAFN) As shown by the figures issued by Iran Grid Management Company (IGMC), day-to-day electricity intake in Iran amounted to 66,538 megawatts (MW) on Tuesday to record a 3,002 MW jump in comparison with the same date past year.

    Although the weather in some parts of the nation had cooled down a bit in last days because of rainfall, since Tuesday with the slow increase in temperature the electricity intake has also started to rise once more, according to an IRNA report.

    By the end of June, Energy Ministry declared that day-to-day electricity intake in the nation was estimated to surpass 68,000 MW in the approaching month.

    Throughout the last decade, constant temperature hikes and the significant decline in rainfalls through Iran have put the nation in a hard condition regarding electricity provision throughout highest intake periods.

    In the last two years, however, new deteriorating aspects such as high drought and the decrease in the nation’s water resources as well as a new wave of illegal cryptocurrency mining through the nation have also damaged the condition.


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