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BBK adopts Open Trade from Etrali Trading Solutions through BATEC

Manama Bahrain – BATEC (Bahrain Advanced Technology W.L.L.) a provider of Unified Communications solutions, Convergence,   Business collaboration and services, today announced that BBK, one of the leading and prominent Banks in the region has deployed Open Trade Systems, from Etrali Trading Solutions a partner of BATEC, to provide a state of the art Convergence and Trading Systems Solution & Services for their Trading and Dealing room requirements. BBK traders can now collaborate all of their resources and technologies with easy-to-use communications capabilities and interfaces across different applications, devices and from any location.

BBK has adopted a comprehensive solution from Etrali Trading Solutions and BATEC with the Open Trade Express Trading Solution as the core of its Trading Technologies Platform.  Open Trade is the first intelligent trading communication platform combining voice, email; instant messaging and video for easy communication in the fast-moving financial market conditions.

"With the Open Trade System solutions from Etrali and BATEC, we can now meet the needs of enterprises and our customer’s across the globe for high-definition voice and collaborations services. Our Traders now have a system that is reliable, stable, and intelligent and has the most effective and user friendly user interface akin to that of a smart phone that increases productivity of our personnel.   Open Trade simply enhances productivity, reduces costs, and we are proud to always strive to apply the best the industry has to offer.” commented Mr. Jamal Hijris, BBK General Manager – Support Group.

Open Trade is a pre-integrated solution for smooth deployment with a complete ecosystem. With its pure IP architecture, voice trading can now integrate cloud strategy and back-end can be localized in the network. It is also much easier and cost-effective to manage distant sites and turrets, with remote access and administration. Any Open Trade component can be managed as standard IT equipment and free seating is native.
“BATEC with ETRALI Trading Solutions is delighted to have successfully implemented Open Trade with BBK. With so much focus on regulation and transparency, BBK is now well placed to meet any current and future requirements in the fast moving highly regulated market. Also, the system architecture is completely flexible and integrates with rich ecosystems, reducing back end complexity and size. The smart turret is truly innovative and is ideal for banks looking to move to a unified solution quickly and with minimal disruption.” said Brian James, Business Manager- Strategy, Planning and Development at BATEC.

Open Trade addresses resilience in an innovative and efficient way by eliminating a hardware centric central switch. Core communication services are now software-based and benefit from IP resiliency. Open Trade is a highly reliable system, running in a critical environment, which calls for high-system fault tolerance. Thanks to its flexible design, Open Trade can be directly integrated in customer Business Continuity Plans (BCP) to meet the regulatory requirements of financial markets.

Open Trade meets the mandatory high-demanding voice trading communication specificities: high number of simultaneous communications and line status sharing, presence management and perfect audio quality. Open Trade optimizes trader's reactivity, comfort and productivity as well as increases collaboration at the user, group and company level. Open Trade Smart Turret implements a customizable one-touch design: the contact directory at the trader's fingertips accelerates both communications and business.
Open Trade Store is the perfect trading application store offering specific applications to users such as traders, analysts and sales people. It brings the application portal model to the smart turret and adds a rich layer of trading and business applications to the desktop environment.

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