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BBK launches the Management Trainee Development Programme

​​​​BBK , Bahrain pioneer in retail and commercial banking, has announced recently the relaunch of its Management  Trainee Development Programme, as part of its ongoing talent development and succession planning strategy. The Bank has developed this programme to identify and foster future leaders in the Banking Industry.

This year, 18 fresh Bahraini graduates have been selected though a rigorous assessment process, out of a total 400 applicants. The recruited candidates have graduated from highly reputed local and international universities with high GPAs and have exhibited leadership skills and capabilities which is one of the key components for success in the programme.

“BBK ‘s commitment to the development of its employees and also to the nurturing of the Banking expertise in young Bahrainis have always been part of the Bank’s vision and aligned with the vision of the country.” commented  A.Karim Bucheery, BBK Chief Executive on this occasion. 
“We proudly praise this programme, as it has proven very successful, having early entrants, from previous years now occupying senior positions in the Bank”, he added.

The Management Trainee Development Programme has been relaunched for the seventh time since inception in 2004 and with the 18 new candidates recently selected, it brings the total number of graduates to nearly 120.

The programme, which gives an in-depth training in all areas of Banking and over a period of several months,  commenced on the 1st of September 2014 and consists of two phases::a comprehensive training programme at BIBF and on-the-job training at the Bank. 
The training programme at BIBF is scheduled to last  four months, and will focus on providing participants with training in the areas of business ethics, financial analysis, international markets, business planning, international financing, project management and a number of other topics that improve skills and capabilities in the field of Banking and Finance.

The second part of the program will commence, after the candidates have successfully completed the training programme at BIBF. They will join BBK beginning of 2015, where they will undergo on job rotation in relevant functions related to their assigned department and according to the business needs.

”BBK, and through this programme will contribute to the talent pool of the Kingdom in the area of banking and financial services,  and we are confident that the Bank  will continue to be the Employer of Choice, providing young Bahraini the tools and expertise for a Brighter life enabling them to contribute to the economy and the prosperity of the nation.” Said Hassaan Burshaid, AGM- Human Resources and Administration - BBK

On the occasion of the start of the programme, BIBF recently held an open house session attended by the Chief Executive of BBK, Mr. A.KarIm Bucheeri, BIBF’s director, Ms. Solveig Nicklos, and BIBF’s Deputy Director, Dr. Ahmed Al Shaikh, in addition to a number of executives and representatives from both entities. They welcomed the candidates, wished them all the success and encouraged their outstanding achievements.

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