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For the eighth year in a row BBK honours its staff's children

Under the auspices of Mr. Abdulkarim Bucheery - Chief Executive, the Staff Social Committee at BBK - Bahrain’s pioneer in retail and commercial banking - arranged a ceremony which was held on 13th of July 2010 at the Bank's headquarters, in honour of the Bank staff's children who have completed their secondary school education with distinction. The ceremony was attended by the Executive Management, the honoured students and their parents.

Mr. Abdulkarim Bucheery opened the event by delivering a short speech in which he welcomed the students and their parents and expressed his pleasure for the outstanding results that the students have achieved.  He said that BBK, very much in line with its corporate identity is dedicated to excellence and to encouraging community welfare and higher standard.  This is dependant on the well educated students of today, who are the makers of the brighter tomorrow!  He also thanked the Staff Social Committee for arranging this annual ceremony.

For this occasion, the student Mohammed Najeeb gave out a speech on behalf of his colleagues in which he expressed his joy and appreciation towards his parents who gave him the opportunity to grow in his education and succeed. Thankful words came across as he expressed his happiness by saying,” This is a special occasion for me and I would like to read out something I have written. I can never understand a person, without putting myself in his shoes, at this age, I cannot understand what parents go through, and since I am a male here, I will never experience the heart of my mother.

In every day routine, I sometimes get lazy in doing what you ask me to do, but you carried me everywhere for nine months, brought me into this world, took care of me, fed me, spent on me, educated me, taught me how to behave and did many other things I may not even be aware of to make me the person I am today.

You spend your time working everyday (just to make me happy), and I go to school to have fun without knowing what you’re going through.
Your love cannot be replaced or compared to mine.  Your love exceed the sky, has no bounds that I know of.

You’ve walked with me my journey since I was young, till here when I graduated from school. Every step I’ve taken, I thought I alone have achieved it, without looking to my side to see that you were always there, selfish I was.

If achieving good result s what makes you happy, then know that I’ve worked hard to achieve this, just to make you smile.  That smile makes my life worth living.

Everything that I am right now is because of you.

Three simple words, ‘I love you’ are not enough. I should show it to you.

Mom and Dad, I know those years where quite tough and that you’ve tried your best.  I know I’ve put you through a lot, forgive me for every mistake I’ve done.  I’d like to thank both of you so much for making me who I am right now. I hope I made you proud. BBK has not been just a Bank where our parent’s every day go to work and come back home.  BBK has become a part of our lives, It’s programs, such as these bring each person and his family closer to one another, as also with members of other families, forming a bond which is unique, creating a new family. If it wasn’t for BBK, we would not be standing here in front of you, making our parents proud, feeling acknowledged for our hard work and trouble we have been through in our daily lives in school. My friends, I’m glad that I have met you. I enjoyed my time, and I hope you did too.  I learned a lot from you, and I pray each one of us to be seen in top positions one day in the not too distance future.”

Closing the ceremony, Mr. Bucheery presented to the honoured students valuable gifts, as well as commemorative shields for their outstanding achievements.

Ms. Abeer Swar- Vice President/ Staff Social Committee – ended the ceremony with a speech in which she expressed on behalf of the Committee and all the Bank staff, their thanks and appreciation to BBK and its senior management for the encouragement and support that the staff, as well as their children, receive for promoting their studies and achieving higher degrees and qualifications.  She said it is really something to be proud of that BBK is the leader Bank in Bahrain to hold such a ceremony.

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