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Five Bahrainis win the Five Ramadan prizes of $150,000 from BBK’s Al Hayrat

Manama, Bahrain: Bahrain’s pioneer in commercial and retail banking, BBK, recently announced the names of their five lucky Al Hayrat Ramadan weekly winners which took place during the holy month of Ramadan. The winners received the prize money at a special handover ceremony where the cheques have been handed over by Mohammed Malik, GM of Retail Banking.

The handover ceremony was also attended by Mazin Dhaif, Head of distribution network, Reinaldo Moarry, head of Retail Marketing and Nada Bubshait, Marketing Communications Manager.

For the holy month of Ramadan, BBK ran a promotion for the seventh year in a row, whereby instead of the regular monthly draws, weekly draws were held, with the prize money growing in size as each week progressed and a final Eid draw with a bumper cash prize. Furthermore, the eligibility criterion of making the deposits a month before the draw date was reduced to only a week during this promotion.

The winner of the first week of Ramadan prize of $10,000 was Mr. Yousif Ahmed Burashid, who was excited about winning for the first time with Al Hayrat after being a loyal Al Hayrat customer for over Seven years. He mentioned that he would happily reinvest his winnings into Al Hayrat in order to increase his chances of becoming the Al Hayrat Instant Millionaire at the end of the year.

The winner of the second week of Ramadan prize of $20,000 was Ms. Seema Ismaeel, who was in disbelief upon receiving the news of her win as she had, according to her, “Never won anything before in my life!, I’m so glad my luck is finally changing thanks to Al Hayrat!”

The winner of the third week of Ramadan prize of $30,000 was Mr. Ahmed Saleh Al Hawaj, who made sure his sons also had their own Al Hayrat accounts in order to encourage them to save and to give them a chance of winning an attractive prize.

Mr. AbudlAmir Abdulla was the winner of the fourth weekly Ramadan prize of $40,000. He began planning his summer vacation immediately after receiving the news of his win, as he said that it has definitely come in at the perfect time.
It’s worth mentioning that Mr. Abdulamir, who has recently retired, decided to add his retirement pension to his Al Hayrat account in order to increase his chances of winning, a decision that definitely paid off in the form of a fabulous win of over BD 15,000 during the holy month.

Finally, the Grand Eid prize of $50,000 was won by Ms. Noora Ebrahim. Who said that “I truly thought I was dreaming when I was told that I won this amazing prize from Al Hayrat!, I still can’t believe it!”

 BBK and non-BBK customers can open Al Hayrat saving account, starting from BD50; and they can withdraw their cash anytime at their convenience.
To be eligible to win any of the great prizes, customers need to invest their money in Al Hayrat account to any of the BBK branches for at least one month. 

Everybody can now also give their loved ones the gift of winning with Al Hayrat gift certificate. Whether it’s for a Birthday, a graduation, a wedding or the birth of a baby. Al Hayrat Gift Certificate is the perfect solution for any occasion.

In addition to the monthly prizes, it’s worth mentioning that Al Hayrat will conclude the year with its Grand prize of $1,000,000 Instant Millionaire prize, the first and biggest of its kind in Bahrain.


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