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Ms. Sabah Bahman from Isa Town is BBK’s first Al Hayrat Instant Millionaire

Al Hayrat is BBK’s unique savings account that presents exciting opportunities for customers to win prizes while they save. Today, BBK made the announcement that everyone has been waiting for - the first Al Hayrat Instant Millionaire. The raffle draw, with a single lump sum cash prize of One Million Dollars, took place on 22nd January 2014 under the supervision of Mr. Yasser Buallay and Mr. Suod Saif of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, and members of the top management of the bank.

Mrs. Sabah Hajih A. Rahman Bahman, a Bahraini mother of two and an Al Hayrat customer since 2001, was announced as the lucky winner, becoming the first Al Hayrat Instant Millionaire. She received star treatment, commencing with being escorted, along with her family, in a stretch Hummer limousine from her home in Isa Town. Accompanied by Ms. Zainab Nasser, the Head of BBK’s Isa Town Financial Mall, Sabah and her family were driven to the presentation ceremony and reception which took place at the Riffa Financial Mall, where she was presented with a cheque for $1,000,000 by Mr. A. Karim Bucheery, the Chief Executive of BBK. The ceremony and reception were attended by BBK top management, Isa Town Financial Mall employees and members of the media.

Upon hearing that she had won this fantastic cash prize in a phone call from Mr. A. Karim Bucheery, Sabah was initially shocked and could hardly believe the news. She thanked the Bank and its officials profusely for this life-changing opportunity and vowed that she would remain a lifelong customer of BBK.

Speaking at the award ceremony, Mr. A. Karim Bucheery said: “Mrs. Bahman has been a loyal Al Hayrat customer since its inception in 2001, and we are very happy indeed to be able to present the One Million Dollars cash prize to a valued customer who has been a supporter of Al Hayrat from the very beginning. I would like to take this opportunity to extend my warmest congratulations to Mrs. Bahman and her family on this amazing win. We have structured Al Hayrat prizes in such a way that our customers have a chance to win cash prizes which will truly make a difference to their lives. A total of 172 prizes were awarded in 2013. On this happy occasion I am pleased to announce that we will be continuing this tradition in 2014 by giving away another $2,500,000. There will be a $500,000 mid-year prize, a 2014 Al Hayrat Instant Millionaire year-end prize as well as other prizes throughout the year. These include Ramadan weekly draws, monthly prizes and loyalty prizes.”

Since the launch of Al Hayrat in 2001 the total amount of money awarded in prizes is $20 million.

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