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Father and Son both win in the August Al Hayrat draw!

BBK, Bahrain’s pioneer in retail and commercial banking, has recently announced the names of 20 winners of the Al Hayrat August draw of $5,000 each as follows:


The cheques were handed over to the winners by Nada Bubshait, Head of Retail Marketing.

The Al Hayrat draw took place on September 3rd, under the supervision of Mr. Suood Saif the Ministry of Industry and Commerce representative, in addition to BBK’s Internal Audit, Internal control and Retail Marketing and Retail Banking representatives.

Coincidentally, Mr. Shamsaldin Shams and his son Mr. Bassam Shams have both been revealed among the monthly winners of Al Hayrat, which came as a “Complete surprise” for them according to Mr. Bassam. He continued to say that “My father and I could not believe the news! What a happy coincidence! We are both very happy and would like to thank the Bank for this lovely opportunity”

Also amongst the winners was Mr. Al Saegh, who stated that the main reason he has started to bank with BBK was the convenience of the Budaiya branch location, however, he was later pleasantly surprised and impressed by the excellent service and speedy transactions as well as the security of the online banking system which allowed him to bank with complete peace of mind.


Mr. Mahmoud Khamdan also thanked the Bank for the wonderful opportunity for winning while continuing to save as presented by the Al Hayrat and mentioned that he makes a point to present his Grandchildren’s Eidia in the form of Al Hayrat deposits every year.

There are many amazing chances to win upcoming prizes in Al Hayrat Monthly draws, but all eyes will be on the identity of lucky winner of the Al Hayrat Instant Millionaire prize, the largest cash prize in Bahrain with a total value of $1,000,000, as offered by the Bank for the second year in a row and the draw will take place in January 2015.

Everybody can now also give their loved one the gift of winning with Al Hayrat gift certificate. Whether it’s for a Birthday, a graduation, a wedding or the birth of a baby. Al Hayrat Gift Certificate is the perfect solution for any occasion. 

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