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Terms and Conditions

I/We the undersigned confirm that I/We have received a copy of BBK’s Accounts Terms and Conditions.

(A) General Conditions Applicable to All Accounts :

  1. I/We acknowledge that I/We will use my/our Central Population Registration
    Card number in addition to my/our Personal Identification number for
    accessing any of the electronic banking services offered by BBK”.
  2. I / We agree to pay fees, services charges, commissions or handling charges
    and agree to the other rules and terms applicable to my/our account prevailing
    internally in BBK or as decided solely by BBK from time to time without the
    necessity of notifying me/us.
  3. Cheques drawn on other banks and other instruments accepted for deposit are
    credited to my/our account subject to clearance and final payment.
  4. Accounts in currencies other than Bahrain Dinars shall be subject to exchange
    control or other Bahrain regulations in force.
  5. All funds in credit in designated local currency account shall be payable only
    at BBK’s concerned branch on demand, and only in local currency or at BBK’s
    option in such other currencies as may be in local circulation.
  6. All funds in U.S. Dollars/Sterling Pounds constituting the balance of the account
    shall be subject to exchange control rules or other relevant regulations in force
    in United States, United Kingdom, or Bahrain.
  7. Bank may apply credit funds held in any one account to discharge any debit
    that account holders may have with the Bank in any other account.
  8. The Depositor must collect his receipt whenever he makes a deposit and
    ensure its correctness.
  9. Inward remittance telexes will be credited after receipt of funds.Advice will be
    forwarded to the Account holder subsequently.
  10. Cheque drawn on BBK in proper order will be credited on the same day subject
    to availability of funds.
  11. Withdrawals shall be valid only on special forms provided by BBK, by signed
    letters by account holders or by tested telexes. (Fax instructions are not
    acceptable without prior arrangement).
  12. Withdrawals by way of drafts, traveller cheques, mail or telex transfers are
    subject to BBK’s schedule of charges.
  13. No notice given by me/us to BBK shall be binding until reasonable time has
    passed after it has been received by BBK.
  14. BBK reserves the right to close, or refuse to open the account without giving
    reasons, or cancel or add to the Accounts Terms and Conditions at any time.
  15. I/We agree to indemnify BBK and save it harmless from and against all claims,
    damages and liabilities howsoever arising which BBK might incur as a result of
    opening this account for me/us or allowing me/us to operate it.
  16. I/We agree and undertake to provide and promptly deposit with BBK any
    change in my/our address or regarding the information relating to my/our
    personal /business particulars herein given or provided in any specified account
    application pertaining to me/us.
  17. This Accounts Terms and Conditions, the opening and operation of any account
    and/or the relation thereby created are governed by the laws of the Kingdom
    of Bahrain. The parties agree to subject themselves to the non-exclusive
    jurisdiction of the courts of Bahrain.
  18. The Heirs or other persons entitled to receive the property of an account holder
    must establish their rights in accordance with local laws before payment can be
    made to them.
  19. In the event of an account opened in a minor’s name by a person other than the
    minor’s father or grandfather from the father’s side that person hereby declares
    to the bank that the father of the named minor is alive, that the funds which are
    to be deposited in the minor’s account are availed by the opener of the account
    and does not include any other funds inherited by the minor or donated thereto
    and that the account is opened for the benefit of the particular minor named
    in the relevant attached account application form signed by the opener of the
  20. The Bank has the right to report any suspected transactions to the appropriate

(B) Current Accounts :

  1. General Conditions Applicable to all Current Accounts:
    I/We authorise BBK until BBK receives notice in writing to the contrary, to:

    (a) Pay and debit to the promissory account all cheques, orders to pay, bills
    of exchange and promissory notes, whether the account be in credit or
    overdrawn or shall become overdrawn by reason of such debiting.

    (b) Grant overdraft, loan or other credit facilities or accommodation for the

    (c) Close the account, at BBK’s option and without prior reference to me/us,
    should balance in the account fall below BD 10 or there be no transaction
    initiated by customer in the account for a period of six months.

    (d) Respond to requests for credit references made by other banks or financial

    (e) To close the account, at BBK option and without prior reference to me/us,
    should 3 cheques bounce due to insufficient funds.
  2. Joint accounts and partnerships:
    We agree that we shall be jointly and severally liable for any overdraft, loan
    or other credit facilities or accommodation which shall be granted in the name
    of the account, plus interest, commission and other banking charges and
  3. Joint Accounts:
    In the event of death of any holder, the survivor(s) accept liability for any claim
    made by BBK arising from continuation of the account.
  4. Companies, Partnerships, Non Corporate Associations:
    In the vent of alteration in the constitution of the Company,
    partnership, Non corporate association due notice in writing shall be
    given to BBK and such notice shall be binding on the Company,
    partnership, Non Corporate Association, if given in the account
    holders name by any authorised officer therein.
  5. Non Corporate Associations:
    a. The Members of committee/council/ __________ agree that they
    will be jointly and severally liable for any overdraft, loan,
    or other credit facilities or accommodation which shall be granted in
    the name of the account together with all interest, commission, and
    other banking charges and expenses.

(C) Saving Accounts

General Conditions

  1. An account may be opened in the name of any person, two or more
    persons jointly or a club or association.
  2. Each depositor will be given a passbook at the time of his first deposit.
    The account number mentioned in this passbook should be quoted in all
    correspondence with the Bank.
  3. The Bank recognizes no owner of a deposit other than the person in whose
    name the account has been opened and which appears in the passbook. The
    funds in a savings account are not transferable or assignable.
  4. Passbook must be kept in a safe place and the Bank must be informed
    immediately should a Passbook be lost, stolen or destroyed. The Bank will not
    accept any responsibility for the consequences should a passbook be misused
    by a third party. A duplicate passbook will be issued by the bank on payment of
    applicable fees and against indemnity.
  5. The Bank recognizes only entries recorded in the saving passbook by the Bank
    itself and initialled by one of its official signatories.
  6. The balance shown in the balance column of the passbook shall not constitute
    evidence of the balance to the credit of the account at any time unless
    expressly verified by the Bank by comparison with its records.

Deposits :

  1. Deposits may be made in small or big amounts as often as desired.


  1. Withdrawals should be made by the depositor in person or by his duly
    authorised attorney, who will fill and sign relevant forms prepared by the bank.
  2. Withdrawals shall be valid only on special forms provided by the Bank and
    accompanied by the passbook.
  3. Depositors unable to sign their names should be accompanied by another
    individual whose identity is acceptable to the bank before any withdrawal is


  1. Rate of interest on balances of saving account, mode of it’s calculation and
    crediting of interest to account will be determined by the Bank and may be
    amended from time to time. Any amendment shall be notified to the depositor
    by the method determined by the Bank.
  2. Interest will be credited on dates to be specified by the Bank.
  3. Depositors are required to present their passbook to the Bank as soon as
    possible after date are specified to update the balance with interest credited.
  4. Calculation of interest will be made for each calendar month on the lowest
    balance but will be credited to the account only in accordance with rule 2

(D) Money Maker Account :

General Conditions :

  1. A money Maker Account may be opened in US Dollars, Sterling Pounds, Euro,
    Saudi Riyals, Japanese Yen and Kuwaiti Dinar.
  2. An account may be opened in the name of any individual or corporate two or
    more persons jointly or a club or association.
  3. An account number will be provided to the account holder and must be quoted
    in all correspondence with BBK.

Deposits :

  1. No restrictions on frequency or amount of deposits.

Withdrawals :

  1. Withdrawals should be made by the depositor or by his duly authorized
  2. Withdrawals are restricted to 3 per month.

Interest :

  1. Interest shall be calculated on Daily balance and credited to the account at the
    end of the month.
  2. Interest rate shall be fixed by BBK and interest amount credited monthly to the

Statement :

  1. Statement shall be mailed monthly to the Account holder. For

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