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Push Messages. Get the brightest events

Receiving Push messages means you can receive Automated SMS Notifications for certain events. Should you select ‘notifications required’ during the registration process, you will be able to take advantage of any of our Push services providing their conditions are met.

Push services include:

 Salary Credit

 Fixed Deposit Maturity

 Account reaching predefined Low or High Limits

Note: For your Account High and Low Limit Notification, the message will be detailed within 24 hours of the actual event time.


Pull Messages. Request brighter information fast.

By sending a Pull message it means you require information. Simply send an SMS short code to 1938 for Wataniya users or 60001938 for other carrier users, to the requested information, which will be handled and attended by the eCall Center Team. Through this option customers will not be restricted with certain codes to inquire about any information. However, immediate response will not be guaranteed and service hours for this option will be from Saturday to Thursday from 7:30am to 8:00pm.Pull services include: 


"My SMS" service will allow you to enjoy sending 5 free messages per day! This will be offered through "My SMS" section in Internet Retail Banking.

The identity of the sender will be associated with these Free SMS messages sent. We have all the right to take any action for any kind of misuses of this service.


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