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  • 10-01-19

    Morocco's power from renewables surges 35 percent

    (MENAFN) Morocco's generation of electrical power from renewable energy in the past year was announced on Wednesday to have posted a 35 percent boost.

    Electrical power surged in Morocco due to the added 840 megawatt last year, increasing renewable energy to a capacity of over 3,677 megawatt.

    The figures were unveiled by Aziz Rabbah, Moroccan Minister of Energy, Mining and Sustainable Development, during a news conference.

    According to the minister, the capacity of renewable energy covered 700 megawatt of solar energy, 1,207 megawatt of wind energy and 1,770 megawatt of hydroelectric energy.

    The country was announced to be targeting 52 percent of electricity to be generated from clean energy by 2030.


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