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SMEs Facility Application – Law (2) – 2021

Client(s) that are facing financial difficulties submit via an electronic portal that the Bank provides the following documents in order to complete their application:

  1. A request for financing letter signed by the authorized signatory of the company.
  2. For SME’s (small and medium enterprises), a submission of the financial position/statements reflecting the operating results prior to the date of 12/03/2020.
  3. For SMB’s (Small sized Businesses), with no financial statements, a submission of operating results prior to the period of 12/03/2020. Alongside any contracts and documents attesting to these results and statements.
  4. For other projects/businesses (i.e professionals) whom are not required to issue financial statements as per Kuwait’s Regulations, a submission of a financial position reflecting results prior the period of 12/03/2020.
  5. Submission of a monthly cash flow projections for the period going forward.
  6. Submission of a list of all operational expenses due such as salaries, rent, or any other financial liabilities.
  7. Client to sign a document authorizing the Bank to inquire via CI-NET about his financial position (Download PDF).
  8. Submission of a list of all Kuwaiti nationals employed under the company, issued from the public authority of man power indicating the required percentages for Kuwaiti nationals as of the end of 2019 and 2021.
  9. Submission of any other documents that the Bank requests in order to complete its financial assessment of the company (Download PDF).
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