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  • 13-02-20

    Wheat trade makes USD12.5 billion profit for Turkish economy

    (MENAFN) As said by Turkey's agriculture and forestry minister, in the last 17 years, global wheat trade made USD12.5 billion income for the Turkish economy.

    According to a statement by Bekir Pakdemirli, while Turkey imported 63.7 million tons of wheat value USD17.5 billion among 2002 and 2019, it also exported 75.7 million tons of wheat and wheat products like flour, pasta, and biscuits that value USD29.9 billion.

    Bekir Pakdemirli said that, "this means that Ankara generated an income of nearly USD12.5 billion from wheat trade in the 17 years", "Turkey is a self-sufficient country with its wheat production of 20 million tons, and consumption of 18.5 million tons annually."


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