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  • 18-08-22

    Iran oil profits surges 481 percent annually in first 4 months

    (MENAFN) Most recent budgetary performance review report issued by Iranian Planning and Budget Organization (PBO) presents that administration profits have surged by 63 percent in the opening four months of the ongoing Iranian calendar year (March 21-July 22) as compared to the same period last year.

    According to the stated report, the nation’s oil profits have surged 481 percent in the stated four months, annually, as reported by Tasnim news agency on Wednesday.

    According to the report, studying the administration’s budgetary performance in the mentioned four months shows the development of macroeconomic indicators.

    The data issued by the PBO indicates that by depending on steady incomes, the administration has been able to make the nation's incomes and expenditures more clear.

    Also in the mentioned span of time, the privatization of capital assets has expanded by 470 percent, whereas the handover of the administration’s movable and immovable possessions has also surged by 104 percent in comparison with the same 4 months past year.

    Back in June, PBO chief Massoud Mirkazemi declared that trading oil has become more improved than before.

    Mirkazemi stated that “Oil prices and exports have increased and selling oil has become better.”


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