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Al Hayrat announces the winners of the Al Hayrat March draw of $100,000 as anticipation rises over the upcoming $500,000 prize in May

BBK , Bahrain’s pioneer in retail and commercial banking, has recently announced the names of the 20 winners of the March draw of $5,000 each.
The winners were as follows: Almansoori Dental Center, Rashid Abdulla Rashid Helal (minor), Yasmeen Elzaldeen Tawfeeq, Sh.Mohamed Salman Khalid Alkhalifa, Ridha Atiyah Jassim Hasan, Adel Mohd Hassan Kamal, S. Ali Hashim Abdulla Yaseen, Sayed Ahmed Salman Naser, Mohmmed Rasheed Mohd Alfawaz, Ishaq Ghuloom Ali mohammed, Ebrahim Ahmed Ebrahim Almarshad (minor), Fowzia Mahmood Shakeeb, Fadheela Abdulla Hasan Qawaz, Eman Ali Asghar (minor), Mohammed Khalid Ebrahim(minor), Dhiya Mohammed Aldoy, Zamzam Ali Janahi, Shafeeq Abdulrasool Mohamed, S.Mohammed Saeed Mohammed and Ali Ahmed Abdulla Radhi.

The cheques were handed over to the winners by Reinaldo Moarry, Head of the Retail Marketing department, and the ceremony was attended by Mazin Dhaif, Head of the Distribution network and Nada Bubshait , Marketing Communications Manager.

The Al Hayrat draw took place on April 3rd, under the supervision of Mr. Suod Saif the ministry of commerce and industry representative, in addition to BBK’s Internal Audit, Internal control and Retail Marketing and Retail Banking representatives.

The winners expressed their appreciation and gratitude for winning the cash prizes, and vowed to redeposit their winnings back into Al Hayrat in hopes of winning another one of the Al Hayrat amazing prizes throughout the year, namely, the half yearly prize of $500,000 in May or the Grand “Instant Millionaire” prize at the end of the year worth $1,000,000 in cash!

Everybody can now also give their loved ones the gift of winning with Al Hayrat gift certificate. Whether it’s for a Birthday, a graduation, a wedding or the birth of a baby. Al Hayrat Gift Certificate is the perfect solution for any occasion.

It’s worth mentioning that this draw represents the first draw of Al Hayrat 2013 exciting prizes worth a total of $2.5 million! Everybody can look forward to winning the $500,000 half yearly prize in May. Customers who deposit at least one month prior to the draw will be eligible.

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