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How to Register

The way to brighter services.

To use the Pull and Push services, please register for the service. Registration can be done through Internet Retail Banking only.
Call 242-0925 and Contact Centre agents will guide you through the registration process.

Step 1  :   Login to Internet Retail Banking in
Step 2  :   Select SMS service under ‘Preferences’ from the top menu
Step 3  :   Click on profile and enter your email, mobile number, and select preferred language for pull services then click confirm.
Step 4  :   You will receive a message with a code like “CAK12344” in 1 min time.
Step 5  :   Forward it in a new message and send it to 1938 for Wataniya users and 60001938 for other carrier users.
Step 6  :   You will receive a confirmation for your registration in 1 min. If you haven’t received the confirmation, double check the message format
                 you sent, which should only contain the code that starts with CAK followed by 6 digit numbers.
Step 7  :   After receiving the confirmation, you may click on Pull from the list on the right hand side, and check all boxes for services required
                 then click confirm.
Step 8  :   After that, click on Push from the list on the right hand side, then select services required, and click confirm.

Note: for High and Low limits notification, if one of them is only required the second may be left blank

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