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How BBK protects you

 Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate
     All information you send to BBK Internet Banking such as your Customer ID and ePIN and other transaction details are encrypted using the Secure
     Socket Layer (SSL) Certificate.

 Your authorization ePIN/password
Secure Authorization ePIN for transactions is always required for internal and external financial fund transfers.

 Access control and intrusion prevention
Security systems such as firewalls and Intrusion Prevention Systems are deployed to protect the Internet banking from unauthorized
      access and are monitored round the clock for unauthorized intrusion attempts.

 Comprehensive security measures
Multiple types of additional security measures have been put in place for your protection. These measures include frequent professional
     evaluations of both external and internal security structures, detection of uncharacteristic customer behavior and monitoring and
     quickly blocking attempts by fraudsters to obtain Customer IDs, passwords and ePINs.

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