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Information Technology

The Information Technology Division of BBK  is focused on providing utmost availability and reliability of information and systems to the Bank’s stakeholders such as customers and employees, in a highly secured environment. This is due to the rapid expansion of electronic delivery channels and advanced systems being offered or used by the bank.

For the bank’s customers the IT Division is focused on providing convenient and efficient banking services. For the bank’s internal business, the IT Division is focused on providing effective methods and processes for promoting and delivering the services to its customer. The IT Division strongly believes that in order to provide the best service to bank’s customers; employees need to be equipped with advanced and robust systems to enable efficient, consistent and reliable service to our customers.

As an example of the above, the bank is undertaking a number of initiatives to improve its branch atomization and Internet banking to provide more convenient and efficient service to our customers.

Furthermore, to ensure availability and reliability of our service, the bank implemented a disaster / recovery site on remote premises that would be activated in the case of any unforeseen accident to ensure that critical systems and data continue are to be fully operational to provide essential services to our customer.

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